Our Second Year of Marriage

We’ve spent a lot of time in the last week reflecting on our second year of marriage. We got married in a wedding that would have been appropriate for Covid. We only invited our immediate family and close close friends. We had 38 guests and we didn’t have a reception – just a cocktail hour in the middle of the park. I’m sharing this because I know that plans are changing across the board, and I really want to encourage you for your intimate 2021 gatherings. The core of your wedding is about the marriage. It’s about you and your partner committing to one another. The party can be fun, but it can be fun to do something completely untraditional too!

On our wedding day both of my parents walked me down the aisle. I only had eyes for J. You know how traditionally the bride will hug her mother and father, pass off the bouquet, and then join her partner? Yeah, I forgot to do all of that. I just made a beeline right toward my future husband. Two years later I still make a beeline for him. And he is still waiting for me.

Normally, I would look through my camera roll to see what happened in the last year and share the highlights. But truthfully all the photos are of us at home. As everyone knows it’s been a year. There was one big day in 2020 for us. On March 12th we closed on our home first thing in the morning then we got ready to go to my brother’s wedding. By 6:00 that evening DisneyWorld had closed and the honeymoon we’d been saving for for over a year was cancelled.

Within the next two weeks I’d lost a majority of my spring weddings and the income that was supposed to be budgeted all summer long. Within a month the majority of my fall weddings had also cancelled. It was one of the hardest seasons of my life. And yet it was easier because J was there. We took our honeymoon at home. Swapping mouse ears for paint brushes and dole whip for breakfast in bed. J had to work 50-60 hour weeks at the grocery store during the height of Covid. And through all of that we leaned on each other.

Please don’t hear me say it was perfect. It wasn’t. We fought more. We went to therapy. We fired our therapist. And we worked on our marriage in a way that pre-wedding counseling never could’ve prepared us for. And then, like so many people did this year, we got a puppy!

Brittanydoodle puppy laying in bedBrittanydoodle puppy sitting on couch

Bringing Ryder into our home was the biggest gift of 2020. We had both always wanted a dog. And now we had a backyard. And we had the time and energy for him. I used to judge those people who called themselves dog moms. Before we got him I made J swear that we would never call each other mama or daddy. Now we do because Ryder is totally our baby. And we are obsessed with him!

I can truthfully say there is no one I would have rather quarantined with. And after spending more of our second year of marriage together than apart I feel really grateful that we get to spend more time together in the future. Thank you for being here and supporting us throughout our journey.





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