Our July Budget – What We’re Choosing to Spend Money on This July

For our July budget we are choosing intentionally where we want to spend our money. One of our favorite quotes is “If you don’t tell your money where to go you’ll wonder where it went.” – Dave Ramsey. This is especially true for me because I am a spender. You know those memes about going to Target for one thing and leaving with a whole cart? Yeah, that’s me if I’m not careful. It’s actually part of what motivated me to read “A Year of Less” by Cait Flanders and start implementing some of that into our lives.

So this month of course we have our essentials. Things like our mortgage, insurance, and groceries. But we also have some fun new things. These aren’t essential but we’re excited about them! We are currently building a front yard garden. This is something I’m incredibly excited about because I grew up gardening! But we live in Tucson, so there are some practical issues to overcome. The first one is caliche. Caliche is literally natural cement. So we need to rent a power digger to get that caliche up and the beds for the garden created! We also chose to use our front yard for the garden, but we don’t have a fence! So we need to build one.

Simultaneously to our front yard garden we are also finishing up our laundry room.

Because we’ve never built a fence or dug garden beds or put shelving in a laundry room we are winging this part of our budget a little bit. I know what you’re thinking, that doesn’t really sound like telling your money where to go. Well, we still are because we’re deciding what we need to purchase and then making smart decisions in that!

Photo of a wheelbarrow with swiss chard in it and photo of a garden gate with a eucalyptus tree in the background

For the fence we need:

  • A Power Auger (rented from the hardware store)
  • A Wheelbarrow
  • Concrete
  • Crushed gravel or stone (we’re planning on using the rocks that are currently in the front yard)
  • A 5 gallon bucket
  • Galvanized Wood screws
  • Posts
  • Redwood Boards for the fence slats
  • Mason line
  • Clamp
  • Safety Glasses
  • Carpenters Square

I’m hoping to borrow some of these tools from my dad and grandpa so that we don’t have to buy (and store) them ourselves!

For the garden beds we need:

  • A Power digger (rented from the hardware store)
  • Wood for the beds themselves
  • Soil for the beds
  • Equipment for self watering system
  • I’m not 100% positive what else we might need. My dad is going to help us make the list!

For the Laundry Room we need:

  • 4×8 piece of plywood
  • 2x4s and 2×2 for cleats
  • butcher block
  • brackets for the shelves
  • pull down drying rack
  • shoe rack/bench
  • baskets for organization


All of this is to say we have to keep a really careful eye on our July budget this month. And we need to make sure we aren’t overspending! Since all these projects are taking place simultaneously!




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