Mud Room Reveal

The house we ended up buying wasn’t my favorite one overall. We toured dozens of homes and each home had some positives and some negatives. JT fell in love with this house instantly. But it took me looking at the home multiple times to decide to put in an offer. There was one room in this house that cinched the decision for me. That room was the mud room, which is why I’m SO excited for the mud room reveal!

I always wanted to be the kind of people who took our shoes off in our home, but it never seemed that practical. We had to bring in groceries and whatever else from the car. (Full disclosure none of the houses we looked at had a garage which I know would’ve eliminated the problem as well. Our home had a backdoor that lead directly to the mud room and the path from the carport went directly to the back door. This one feature sold me on the entire home.

Then we actually moved in. And well the mud room fell further and further down our priorities list. The first priority was fixing the dryer vent which had been literally stuffed into the AC unit. It was bad. So we just needed to be able to do laundry. It didn’t matter if it was pretty. So it wasn’t. I’m going to show you some really embarrassing before pictures. Not only was there no organization to speak of it was ugly. Plus because it’s where we unloaded the car there was stuff just everywhere! Not only that, but also there was no where to actually fold the laundry. Which resulted in a never ending pile of laundry on the couch. Please don’t judge too harshly.

before photos of mud room reveal

Phew, you’ve seen the before. I promise the after pictures are MUCH better. There was also the intermediate step which was the finished shelving but no cute decor. I also break down the exact cost of creating our cute mud room! Okay, without any further ado check out the after!

white mud room with butcher block waterfall countertops woven baskets and snake plants for decorwhite mud room with butcher block waterfall countertops sign on washer/dryer that says "a lifetime of canceled plans has prepared me for this" wooden tray with candles, dryer balls, and pothos cuttings and a photo of assorted vases black wire basket with microfiber cloth inside Clean mama glass cleaning bottles wooden tray with candles, dryer balls, and pothos cuttings and a photo of dish towels mud room butcher block shelves, organization baaskets, and white washer and dryer organization baskets for a mud room wooden tray with candles, dryer balls, and pothos cuttings white mud room with butcher block waterfall countertops wooden tray with candles, dryer balls, and pothos cuttings


The biggest thank you goes out to my brother who had all the tools, who did all the real planning and who absolutely rocked all the way around. His best idea was the water shut off. Instead of creating a waterfall all the way to the wall we left a space so we could reach in and turn off the water in case of an emergency! Genius!

emergency water shut off in mud room


What about you? Do you have a favorite room in the house?



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