Mixtiles Review – Our Living Room Gallery Wall

When J and I bought our house, the cutest little bungalow in central Tucson, I knew I wanted a living room gallery wall to be the center focus. We’d had one at our apartment, and I had planned on just rehanging those frames with new photos. But I didn’t wrap the frames up carefully enough. So when we unpacked I found several broken picture frames and pieces of glass.

The choice was then to order new frames and new photos, or ordering from a done for you company. Since it had taken us a good 6 months to actually hang our last gallery wall I decided to go with the done for us solution! So I’m sharing our mixtiles review here! We ordered from mixtiles sister site Wallnut. This is only available in the app store and you can’t order online. But I didn’t want square photos! All the branding was still mixtiles branding.

We bought 15 12″x16″ frames and the total was $396.00 including shipping. If we had ordered 15 12×16″ frames from ikea it would have been $120 plus the $129 delivery fee, photos would’ve been $4.70 a piece from my professional lab which is $70.50, and the command strips would’ve been approximately $25.00 from Target. For a total of $344.50. If shipping were free or we ordered the frames somewhere else it could have been less.

The app was easy to use, but we started having problems right away. The mixtiles did not arrive on time. I emailed customer service asking for tracking information. A few days later they emailed me saying that the order wouldn’t be shipped for another week. To apologize for the inconvenience they offered a 10% refund on the order. We ended up receiving the product a few weeks after our original delivery date.


mixtiles review - showing the packaging

We liked the packaging of the box because it was secure and none of the frames were damaged. On the website there isn’t a ton of information about what the tiles are actually like. They are very lightweight with a plastic frame and the photo printed directly onto the foam mat. The tape is on the top of the frame only, and the plastic very easily shows damage. Several of our frames came to us with little scratches along the edges. And because there is only adhesive on one side if your wall is uneven then it pops away from the wall!

mixtiles review - showing the damage on some of the mixtiles Mixtiles Review - gallery wall in living room

Having said all the negatives, the hanging process was actually super easy. It took JT and I approximately an hour to hang the entire wall! I think part of the was because of our previous experience. But part of it was the ease of the pre-stick tiles. The adhesive on the tile is actually really strong. We tried knocking agaain the wall a couple times and they didn’t move at all.


Mixtiles Review - gallery wall in living room Mixtiles Review - gallery wall in living room Mixtiles Review - up close detail of the photos hanging on the wall

And just for fun here’s our sweet pup watching us hang up the tiles!

Mixtiles Review - brittanydoodle puppy sitting on floor


Overall, we love our gallery wall and really enjoy having photos from the entire timeline of our relationship! But we wouldn’t order from mixtiles again. The ease was definitely amazing, but the overall experience was not. If you do choose to order from them add extra contrast to your images because they print very matte and flat!



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