How to Be Intentional While Using Social Media

How to be intentional while using social media is such a hot topic right now. Since social media is literally my job I thought I would share some of the tips I’ve picked up over the years that have helped me be intentional about my social media usage. 

  1. Create 2 Accounts. This tip feels incredibly counterintuitive, but it is one of the ones that I’ve loved the most. Create one professional and one personal instagram account. The professional account is NOT for scrolling. It’s not for catching up with friends. It is for networking and sharing your offer. Your personal instagram account is for your friends. You should feel free to scroll on this account (as long as it’s not during business hours or taking away from something that needs to get done 
  2. Implement a One Screen Rule. Unless you have dual monitors set up you should only use one screen at a time. It may *seem* like you’re multitasking or getting a lot done by working on both your laptop and your phone. But actually your attention is just divided. Focus on one task at a time. Carry this tip into your personal life. If you’re watching a movie with your partner make that an intentional thing. Enjoy the movie together. Don’t also be watching TikToks. Which is just a random example not something I’m 100% guilty of…
  3. Turn Off Notifications. I can’t emphasize this enough! There is no reason for you to be notified of what’s happening on Instagram or Facebook. Schedule times during your day to check it and otherwise stay off. Even if you don’t open the notifications the light/noise will still distract you and it will take you time to get reoriented to the task you were previously using. 
  4. Set “On/Off Times” Think of these just like office hours. There’s no reason for you to be available to everyone 24/7. Set intentional times to put away your phone. If you have to leave your phone in the other room then do that. I slept with my phone in the living room for a month to break the habit of scrolling before bed!

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule. And sometimes you might find yourself scrolling during an “off time.” Try not to get too discouraged. You can always start again tomorrow! The most important thing is to be mindful about how you’re using social media. 

P.S. if you’re looking for a complete reset or to dive deep into this topic I can’t recommend “Digital Minimalism” by Cal Newport enough! 

how to be intentional while using social media www.susannahlynn.com
how to be intentional while using social media www.susannahlynn.com



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