Branding Photos for Small Downtown Tucson Shop El Be Goods

tucson headshots

On my corner of the internet we’re celebrating business wins and business owners! Working with any small business to create branding photos is one of the biggest joys of my career. Photographing Kristen and Laura was no exception. And as an added bonus we got to support another one of my favorite small businesses. A tea house downtown called Scented Leaf. If you live in Tucson you have to check out their teas and nitro brew on tap. We started the day with drinks and a planning session out on the patio. I knew when capturing their relationship I wanted to focus on a natural every day feeling. From ordering sessions to stocking the shop we nailed that!

After ordering our teas we walked down to their shop. It is one of the cutest little spaces. And I was able to chat with them a bit about what their shop means to them. They are passionate about the products they stock being both sustainable and ethical. One of my favorite parts of their shop is how they support other local small businesses. When you first step into your shop there is a mini art gallery featuring works by local artists. Throughout the shop you can find other local treats to try! Kristen and Laura absolutely embody the concept of a rising tide lifts all ships.

Whenever capturing brand portraits I want to make sure that we’re telling a complete story. These are images that should serve multiple purposes. From website hero images to social media usage to profile pictures. So I always take a variety of photos. I always include a classic headshot where the client is looking at the camera and smiling. But I always ALSO include action photos. These can be anything from working on laptops to engaging in a hobby or completing a work task. How would you use different types of images?


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