10 At Home Date Night Ideas

So we’re all staying home now. Which means we need some new at home date night ideas! In a lot of ways being able to stay home is such a blessing, but for my family it’s also had a lot of challenges. JT is a grocery store manager so his hours have been kinda crazy. Plus we literally just bought a house less than a month ago. We still have boxes scattered throughout the house and projects that are on the back burner. Despite all of that we’re still making sure to get in our date nights! Honestly, sometimes date night is Netflix and Chill, but sometimes we get more creative! Here are some of my favorite ideas for you to try! Some of these are tried and true, and some of these are on our bucket list! If you do one of these dates I’d love to hear about it!

We’re giving ourselves bonus points if we get dressed up and do our hair for these dates too!

  1. A date night box! Our favorite company is Crated with Love… if you go over to their page you might see our picture and if you head to my instagram @susannahlynn_ I’m doing a giveaway for your own date night!
  2. Have a living room picnic. Ours always include our favorite junk food (popcorn for me and sour patch watermelon for JT) and a root beer float! Activities can range from watching something on Disney+, to playing a card game, to asking each other questions!at home date night ideas popcorn in a pink bowl with salt and oil
  3. Play Kings Crown this is our favorite card game. The first time we played together I had NO IDEA what I was doing. JT let me win several rounds and now I can win all on my own. This is a fun way to get competitive with pretty low stakes!
  4. Use So Cards Deck This isn’t one we’ve used yet, but it’s one that I think would be a lot of fun. What we use to get to know each other is actually….
  5. Read the Big Book of If… this book has started some great conversations, and one or two fights (just keeping it real). And actually fighting over something as silly as who we want to have dinner with taught us a lot about creating rules for fighting.
  6. Take the 5 Love Languages Quiz I know, I know, you don’t want to take a quiz for date night. But this is one that will make your relationship better, is fast, and is actually fun. If you’re into your Enneagram or Meyers Briggs you should definitely take this one too! Knowing your partner’s love language will help you show them love in the way that means the most to them. And while we’re talking about that…love languages symbols
  7. Read/Listen to “When Sorry Isn’t Enough” This book is by Gary Chapman the same author of the Five Love Languages and it walks through how different people have different apology languages. Knowing your partner’s will make it so that
  8. Go Dancing in your Backyard! JT just bought us this video program that teaches social swing dancing and there is something extra romantic about dancing under the stars!
  9. Watch stand-up comedy on Netflix our favorites are John Mulaney, Trevor Noah, and Ali Wong
  10. Conquer a house project together This one is becoming more and more common in our house! We successfully filled in a built in bookshelf and I couldn’t be more proud of us. We were going to hire someone to do it, but wow it feels good to have done it ourselves!


I hope you enjoy these at home date night ideas! I can’t wait to have even more date nights in the future! P.S. none of these links are affiliate links, I just like the products!

10 at home date night ideas couple sitting on couch



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