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Can I tell you a secret? Most of the photos you see on my social media were taken on my phone! Even some of the photos on my website were taken with my phone… like the one right here. This guide walks you through how I take photos on my phone, and the tricks I use to make sure they flow seamlessly with my professional camera! 

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Creating Photos for Canva Pro

When I first started the transition from wedding photographer to brand photographer I was terrified. I had all these negative soundtracks going in my head about what a huge mistake

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How to Be Intentional While Using Social Media

How to be intentional while using social media is such a hot topic right now. Since social media is literally my job I thought I would share some of the tips I’ve picked up over the years that have helped me be intentional about my social media usage.

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My Favorite Chrome Extension

I’m going to be honest writing a blog post about my favorite chrome extension was not on the to-do list. It did not make it onto the content calendar. And it’s not something anyone

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When I first got married my husband Jeff and I shared a total of 600 sq. ft of togetherness, to build up my business and save for our down payment. It was so worth it because in 2020 we purchased the cutest little midcentury bungalow in midtown Tucson. Yes, it was in the midst of a pandemic. But now, I get to work from a home that is filled with pets, plants and lots of date nights! As an added bonus I get to share my business experience from the comfort of my own bed!


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